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Welcome to our new website for Idaho Couples.  We are happy you have joined us or are thinking about doing so.    I am leaving a place for comments so we can inform each other of fun things that happened at a tournaments for those that may not have been able to attend, or for anyone who may have a question about our association or an upcoming event.

Please join us and make new friendships all over the State of Idaho, bring your trailer or stay in a motel at the golf site and  join the after tournament gatherings or just relax and play a fun format of golf.  Whatever you desire you’ll find it along with some really great people.  Don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK!  You can get all the latest and greatest information there too!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Idaho.ICGA/

Let’s go golfing!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




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  1. stenson clontz says:

    looking for 2018 schedule plus entry info on 2018 snowbird tourney

  2. Jordy and Korbie says:

    New comers to the ICGA! Curious how the couples cup points are culculated and where the gift cards were for? We had a lot of fun playing in the Canyon tourney and are excited for 2018! Also, are there any gross payouts or is that something that might be a possibility in the future?

    • Welcome…..There is a gross pot as of 2017. You have to pay to get into it each tournament. It is optional. The couples cup is talleied on the tournaments you play and placing you do. I am not sure the exact caluations but you can contact Lonnie Nelson (the President of ICGA)or any of the Board Memebers for this information. The gift cards were for the top placers of this couples cup. You do not have to pay extra to be involved. It is open to all players and was implemented last year to encourage more play in the different tournaments. Hope this answers your questions.

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