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Welcome to our new website for Idaho Couples.  We are happy you have joined us or are thinking about doing so.    I am leaving a place for comments so we can inform each other of fun things that happened at a tournaments for those that may not have been able to attend, or for anyone who may have a question about our association or an upcoming event.

Please join us and make new friendships all over the State of Idaho, bring your trailer or stay in a motel at the golf site and  join the after tournament gatherings or just relax and play a fun format of golf.  Whatever you desire you’ll find it along with some really great people.  Don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK!  You can get all the latest and greatest information there too!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Idaho.ICGA/

Let’s go golfing!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




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  1. John Knapple says:

    Had a great weekend with my wife, new friends, and old friends. Played golf, had some bad shots and great shots. It’s always great to play with the ICGA.

  2. Brenda says:

    Even though we played bad golf we had a good time! Thank you for being so welcoming to us and our friends. Also we appreciate the welcoming gifts!
    Thank you!
    Dee and Brenda Pickett

  3. Mike & Lori Faler says:

    My wife and I are interested in playing some of your tournaments and would like to know how to get started.

    • kristin.l.box@gmail.com says:

      Go to the schedule and choose any tournament you would like to enter. Call the golf course and tell them you would like to sign up for the Idaho Couples Chapman. Some will require you to pay prior to play, most will let you pay when you sign up. Follow the fees listed on the schedule and add a $50.00 entry free for entry to the tournament that you will be playing. Example: ($24/day cart + $40.00 green fees + $50.00 Entry = $138.00) This will be you cost to play in the tournament if these are the fees listed on the schedule. There is a $25.00 annual one time fee to join the ICGA. You would pay that to tournament coordinator on the first tournament played. This is only a one time fee per year made payable to the ICGA. Other tournament fees are made directly to the golf course the tournament is located. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. I hope this makes sense.

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